This training program is aimed at Social Sciences Graduates and Junior level employees who want to improve their transversal and entrepreneurial skills. The course offers the opportunity to improve personal development skills, collaboration and communication skills and the skills necessary to turn ideas into projects, thus increasing competitiveness in the enhancing future employability.


The course consists of three modules:

  1. “Personal development skills”
  2. “Working with others”
  3. “Transforming Ideas into Business Opportunities”

Each module focuses on different aspects of working with other people to achieve team goals. The trainees will have the opportunity to increase their self-confidence, learn to speak up and be heard, accept feedback in important areas, such as communication, technical abilities, management, and leadership skills. They will improve their interpersonal and collaboration skills and networking. Overall, the trainees will gain a better understanding of the organizational culture.


Each of the three modules includes:

The introduction describes the aims of the module and the skills that will be acquired by the end of it and it is available in text and video.

A Self-Assessment test is provided at the beginning of every module to assess the presence of the skills presented in each module or lack of them

PDF downloadable files
In the PDF downloadable files section, the theoretical background and glossary of the module are available for downloading.

Each module consists of three units, focusing on different transversal and entrepreneurial skills.

Each unit includes:

  • An Introduction
  • A Video lecture
  • A List of references and suggested readings
  • A Quiz to practice the acquired knowledge.

ESTEEM offers you a complete training package that includes the e-course which it is hosted on the Esteem e-learning platform, the training handbook in downloadable format and the social networking platform

The course is offered in English.
A level of at least C1 is recommended

To use the online training course, basic computer skills are needed
together with access to the Internet

 After completing the ESTEEM course you will be able to:


  • Manage yourself
  • Cope with uncertainty
  • Make decisions
  • Solve problems
  • Plan forward
  • Communicate effectively
  • Collaborate
  • Manage your relations
  • Manage conflicts and Negotiate
  • Understand the needs of leadership
  • Think creatively and strategically
  • Take risks
  • Set goals and prioritize
  • Use social media
  • Gather and analyse data